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We’ve compiled a selection of articles about psychedelics – specifically regarding psychedelic truffles containing natural psilocybin. Dive into their history, read about recent scientific findings, and learn to apply them with care and intention.

Psychedelic retreat program

FIND A REnewed senSE oF JOY AND meanING

This three-step psychedelic retreat program offers a natural way to refresh your mind and reconnect with your body. You’ll discover how to transform old habits and patterns into more beneficial thoughts and behavior. You’ll learn how to create more calm, clarity and creativity in your life. Our expert guides are with you all along the way.


Psychedelic programs for inner transformation

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Spinoza’s philosophy emphasized reason and rational thought, and he believed that everything in the universe operates according to natural laws. This idea helped lay the groundwork for modern science, which also seeks to understand the natural world through empirical observation and experimentation.

We started the collaboration with the University of Leiden, Buenas Aires and many more to come, to shift the paradigm back to sources of natural health.

Join WITH or WITHouT PSYchedelICS. all YOU NEED IS YOUR breath.

WHAT is A MUsic jouRNEy?

How DOES IT Work?

This immersive Music Journey has been carefully composed by highly talented musicians and designed by pioneering sound engineers to follow the flow of a psychedelic experience. Does that mean you need to take psychedelics to appreciate it? Nope, you can fully enjoy this mesmerizing live-performed Music Journey without any psychedelic substance. It’s also perfect for breathwork or meditation.


Everyone can tune in. From anywhere on the planet. All you need is an internet connection, a sound system and an open heart. Create a comfortable setting at home, lay back and let the natural flow of sound and music guide you on your journey. We strongly believe that creating a circle with friends and family is highly valuable. Sharing moments of deep connection and being supportive of each other can be a profoundly bonding experience.


Pamphlet JoIN theJouRNEY

The widespread philosophy of Dualism
has led us human beings to see every aspect of life as something separate.


Mind and body.
Humanity and nature.
You and me.

We suffer from this mindset of division – and the effects are getting clearer and more heartbreaking every day.

But when we understand that everything is connected, we can start healing this divide.

Some things can only be understood by experience. And more profoundly by a natural psychedelic experience.

On September 17, musicians from around the world come together for the world’s first live performance of our psychedelic Music Journey.

And you are invited.

Join the journey back to nature.
Back to connection.
Back to love.

Nature is calling us.

Deus sive Natura.