winter solstice december 17th, 4:45pm cet

The TRANSformATion BoX


This transformational toolbox holds everything you need for safe and guided psychedelic journeys in the comfort of your own home. Or in nature, as you prefer.

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Your TOols fortraNSFOrmation

Transform old habits into more beneficial behaviour. Whatever your intention may be, we’ve developed the essential tools to transform old habits into more beneficial behaviour. Everything you need to change your mind. And connect with your body.

The Spinoza

Your Source of Transformation available on and store.

Connected Circles



Our Token of Appreciation


3 x 7g of Philosopher’s Stones

Remembership coin

Reconnect with nature

Your Remembership coin provides access to a library of guided sound journeys and LIVE sessions for one year. This token of our appreciation was especially designed for Spinoza and minted in a limited edition by our beloved Bionaut Bibi van der Velden.

  • This coin is both our token of appreciation for joining our community, but also serves as a personal reminder for you in your process of transformation. It can be a daily reminder of the thing(s) you want to transform, for example. Put it in your pocket, wear it on your neck or place it under your pillow in order to remind yourself of remembering your inner travels.

  • Your Remembership Coin allows you to enjoy your Spinoza App subscription for one full year. You will be able to learn everything our Pyschedelic Masterclass has to offer. You can tune into community events, workshops and new Sound Journeys with every season. You will not need to show it to enter physical community events.

  • Our mission is to safeguard the responsible use of psychedelics in society. This means that we do not wish to expand our community too fast too soon. In order to guarantee the high level of quality of our services, we aim to grow our community organically – extending invitations to join our community from friends to friends. This year, we will welcome 1632 new members worldwide.

  • Bibi van der Velden is one of our most talented Bionauts and a World-class jewellery designer. She has created a design based on our great inspirator, Benedictus de Spinoza. He believed that happiness can be found in everyday life, simplicity and nature and was convinced of the unity in all that exists. He’s the one who equalised nature to God – Deus Sive Natura.


ConnECTED CIRcles ceremONY

Tune into our virtual ceremonies


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