winter solstice december 17th, 4:45pm cet


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THRee Step

stEP 1

Your preparation starts with our psychedelic Masterclass in the Spinoza app. This is followed by a two-hour online preparation workshop where you meet your guides and your curated group of participants. You’ll learn how psychedelics work on a physiological level and we explore a number of meditation and breathwork practices. You’ll have all the knowledge and practical skills to confidently start your psychedelic journey.

Step 2

The pinnacle of the program is a beautiful psychedelic ceremony with immersive live music in our cozy yurt. This takes place during a one-day and one-night retreat in the midst of a lush forest. Based on your preferences and intention, you’ll receive a moderate to high dose of truffles containing natural psilocybin, allowing you to access deeper levels of consciousness. We take care of every detail, so you can comfortably turn your attention inward.

SteP 3

Integrating a psychedelic experience requires attention and inquiry. During a two-hour online integration workshop, we will explore and reflect on the insights and challenges you may have encountered during your psychedelic journey. You’ll receive expert guidance and loving support to process your insights and evaluate their meaning. The Spinoza app gives you all the practical tools to integrate them into your daily life.